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Simon Lodine, PhD, CEO


Dr. Simon Lodine comes to KinetEco after building his own successful alternative energy using sugar beets to power off-highway vehicles including tractors, backhoes, and other heavy farm equipment. Dr. Lodine discovered and refined his sugar beet formula while finishing his doctoral thesis at MIT. He brings an unusual mix of scientific and business-mindedness that has catapulted KinetEco into its number one position as the worldwide leader in alternative energy research and development. Dr. Lodine frequently collaborates with Wind Powering America.

Sally Kerner, MBA, CFO


Ms. Kerner was a Rhodes Scholar studying the international economics of alternative energy development in third world countries. Her research demonstrated that alternative energy could be harnessed in under-developed nations with better economics and consistency, than with traditional energy. Under Ms. Kerner's astute financial management, KinetEco has broken barriers in delivering alternative energy to third-world and developing countries.

June Su-Woo, JD, Legal Counsel


Ms. Woo has lobbied for the Solar and Wind Alternative Energy Commission and served as chief counsel for the Green&Grow Solar Power initiative, that introduced solar power into rural communities all around the United States.

Jason Hemlock, PE, Principal Design Engineer


Mr. Hemlock previously worked for NASA, where over a two decades, he helped pioneer solar panel technology for space shuttle missions. His pursuit of alternative energy for space exploration earned him and his design team at NASA a Nobel Prize nomination. Mr. Hemlock is responsible for establishing design standards and quality control measures for the development of all KinetEco, Inc. products, from residential systems, to massive industrial alternative power grids.