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KinetEco, Inc. Administrative Headquarters (AHQ) campus is in Downtown Los Angeles, California, at 123 KinetEco Drive  in the KinetEco Tower recently renovated to harness sun and wind power. The Tower is a full-scale alternative energy model that's also an architectural work of art. The structure has won numerous environmental and architectural awards, including the Excellence in Environmental Aesthetics in 2010 that provided a grant of 2.8 million dollars to help convert other Los Angeles city buildings into renewable energy partners, joined together on a solar and wind power grid.

KinetEco, Inc. Laboratories, along with our Research Design Team (RDT), is headquartered in Barstow California, on 125-acres of experimental wind-and solar-powered terrain. The laboratory is the heart of company research efforts, and plays host to researchers from all around the world, in an attempt to design and develop the most practical, efficient, and effective alternative energy systems and products.

KinetEco, Inc. Manufacturing is also in Barstow, on a neighboring 5-acre parcel and is the center manufacturing facility for the company. The plant not only produces alternative energy products, but also uses alternative energy to run the equipment and processes needed to make the products. In addition, the plant is heading toward becoming a Zero Waste Facility reusing all plastics, metals, and chemicals required for the creation of KinetEco alternative energy products.

KinetEco, Inc. Distribution has branches in all 50 states, and in 25 countries ñ and is a leading supplier of alternative energy products in the world.

KinetEco, Inc. Retail Division:  Our retails stores are in all the locations serviced by our Distribution division ñ and focus on selling smaller-scale systems for the home or small business.

KinetEco, Inc. Installation Support Team:  Our professional installation technicians are stationed all around the world and are skilled in the operation and installation of all KinetEco alternative energy products. From smaller scale cabin, home, or small business systems, to massive alternative energy grid systems we have installation technicians that are skilled in installing the systems, and troubleshooting problems, as well as performing regular maintenance.