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Mission Statement

KinetEco, Inc. strives to maintain its position as the top innovator, manufacturer, and installer of alternative energy products and systems worldwide, while serving as a key advocate for the development and implementation of alternative energy practices at the government level, and as a leading authority on alternative energy responsible for disseminating information to the public and educational and research institutions.

Company Description

As people, our energy usage is staggering, as is the environmental pollution that results. It's obvious that traditional fossil fuel is no longer the solution, and that we must adapt to a new way of existing – one that involves the adoption of alternative renewable energy practices. KinetEco, Inc. is at the forefront of alternative energy research, design, and manufacturing – creating alternatives for home and business. From capturing energy from the sun with our K-Eco Solar Panels, to harnessing the power of wind with our various wind turbines, windmills, and windpumps, we're continuously advancing the science of alternative energy and making it affordable and adaptable in a host of situations.

Our K-Eco Solar Panels are among the most advanced solar arrays in the industry, reaching an efficiency of almost 44%. Combined with our K-Eco Solar Battery (chargers) and solar inverters, they form complete photovoltaic systems – that are ready to harness and store the sun's energy.

We’ve also taken huge strides in the development of wind power alternatives, including our K-Eco Wind Machine – an industrial strength wind turbine system that can power an office building of 40 people, for 20 percent of each work day, significantly cutting down on usage of fossil fuel and creating substantial dollar savings in power consumption.


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